TORAIZ “SQUID” Official Walkthrough – The new multitrack sequencer

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Find out more, check “SQUID” product page:
Take control of your workflow and make inspirational music with the SQUID.
Named for the blend of functionality and creative stimulation it offers, the SQUID (SeQUencer Inspirational Device) is a brand-new multitrack sequencer in our TORAIZ series of musical instruments and production gear.

This video explains innovative features in depth by walking you through each section.

The SQUID is the third product in the TORAIZ series, which offers inspiring tools with unique features you can easily use to create new sounds. The SQUID will be available from late April 2019.
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51 thoughts on “TORAIZ “SQUID” Official Walkthrough – The new multitrack sequencer

  1. How can I really build a song with different parts, verse, chorus, etc.,? It should be within the same pattern or I can chain/combine different pattern to build a song?

  2. Ancient Martian Underground

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    I love my RMX-500….If this is as easy to play without menu diving or needing a computer ….then Hell Yes
    You can change my music
    for the better

  3. JCK Interior Sound Design

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    Workflow looks absolutely nauseating. Would have appreciated a finished os for my djs1000 but I think within a few updates my Akai force will be the best option.

  4. Alexander Salomonsen

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    So frustrating that it is limited to 64 steps per pattern.
    Why is this limitation so annoyingly omnipresent in hardware sequencers?
    Really hope they can update it to be able to write longer patterns, i’d buy it then.

  5. Strange marketing on this. I was in the market for some new hardware last week and was genuinely interested in this sequencer. Possibly because its so new, but I couldn’t find any detailed feature reviews or demos, just a handful of bad demos online. Even the new videos coming out of Suberbooth aren’t doing much to showcase this. Hopefully you guys have shipped a few test units to decent channels like Sonicstate, Bobeats etc and we can see some proper detailed demos soon. This seems to have potential, but will need to see more than some fancy marketing animations before I’m parting with 600 euros.

  6. why not just fix the sp-16 and create an awesome sample machine? .. Squid.. Sp-16 made your marketing strategy clear..

  7. 64 steps/4 bars…so bad… Even on old sequencer and groovebox, with much less functions, etc… like RM1X, RS7000 Yamaha, Roland ils groovebox, etc… We can make pattern with 128, 256…steps..! 64 steps/4 bars, it’s not enough, for exemple for long evolutive pad, longer melody, etc… I often work with minimum 8/16 bars. I don’t understand why this crazy limit… For me, a really big mistake. If an update repair this problem, I could be interested.

  8. This really needs a song feature to compile patterns. For the money I’m disappointed.
    I bought record box.. leaves a lot to be desired.
    I bought the lighting feature.. total garbage.
    I bought the sp-16… Great as a drum machine.
    Bought the squid… Fingers crossed they add a song feature and make all of the controls recordable. If not I won’t be buying any more from toraiz.

  9. best sequencer ever produce….sorry elektron Octatrack;this is way way better!But please add a update to push it to 128 step in state of 64;;;256 would be a dream!

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