Review: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Controller | Tips and Tricks

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Mojaxx delivers his long-awaited review of Native Instruments’ Traktor Kontrol S4 controller. He also looks at the Traktor Pro 3 software. Subscribe to DJcityTV:

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61 thoughts on “Review: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Controller | Tips and Tricks

  1. Great review once again!!! I’m one of those crazy loyals using Traktor for 10 years and seeing the obvious decline and since I roll on S8 and waiting for new mind blowing stuff, this, although there is a statement that they haven’t left, I don’t think they are trying hard enough to get their lost customers back.. if the new S8 MK2 isn’t coming in 2019 they are done in my eyes too.. however great they used to be

  2. Mojaxx nice review however no one is addressing the issue with the low volume in the headphone cue. It on the forums by other users including myself. This is a problem if you are playing where you dance floor requires loud sound.

  3. Still use a DDJ-T1 because i love pioneer and traktor. On clubs i play with nexus hid to traktor and djm soundcard with a f1 and a x1 to control traktor fx browse and remix decks. I am this close to change once and for all to rekordbox with a ddj1000 i really need video toneplay and elastic beatgrids. I’ve been waiting til the release of traktor 3 and this controller, still didn’t convince me to stay. I need a large new traktor controller, bigger and better than this WITH jog wheels… Doesn’t exist, ill have to change 🙁 Anyone knows any alternative? Is traktor still going to impress and add these features? What can we hope?

  4. Another top quality review from Mojaxx. I will always love your desire to ACTUALLY try and test new stuff so you can work out all it’s little foibles and quirks to give me, the consumer, an accurate picture of what’s good, bad and ugly about a new product.

    Personally, I will be holding off on upgrading from Traktor Scratch Pro 2 to Traktor Pro 3 for a while, there’s not enough about it for me right now to warrant bothering, it seems more geared towards those buying this particular device and software for the first time. But I am also really pleased that Traktor seems to be here to stay, as it’s the only DJ software I have ever used (and WANT to use), so hats off to NI and here’s to the next chapter!

    Thanks Mojaxx

  5. Nice review MJ. The lack of external mixer is holding me back. And also because I’m trying to build a hybrid traktor / synth setup using novation circuit & mono and with friends and their gear. I struggled with z2 for tight midi sync but for some reason an old Denon mc6000 in external mixer mode works fine. Maybe new MK3 will work ok this way when external mixer is available. But can’t get mc6000 to work with traktor 3 DVS either. Less important but would be nice. Always anticipate your vids dude. You are the best out there. Peace.

  6. Hey Mojaxx, at the beginning of the video you mention using a standalone setup with usb sticks – what setup do you normally use? thanks in advance.

  7. There seems to be a decent amount of talk about the headphone volume not being loud enough. Does anyone know if the (recent) update to TP3 software addressed this? I’m currently a Serato controller user, but this controller caught my eye, and I’d like to know if it’s worth it, or do I have to go back to finding a Serato controller that isn’t a delicate piece of plastic (and don’t say “Pioneer” – the DDJ SX3 has MAJOR problems, the SZ2 is out of my price range, and the others have really short pitch throws….)

  8. My biggest question right now is; how will Pioneer respond? Do they have something to sit between the DDJ-400 and DDJ-1000 ready to go to production? Could be a really interesting year for controllers.

  9. Been using since it came out and loving the S4! The quirks you mention at 10:00 ish are really the only source of friction I’ve had with the controller so far—I want to use TT mode for everything but it’s forcing me to change my workflow with cue points etc. Also, while in TT mode, the tempo range is limited to -/+ 8% even if you have changed it in the settings. I have mine set to 20%, and so sometimes if I need that extra range I find myself switching back to jog mode so that I can adjust the tempo to where I want.

  10. Great review! Very honest and balanced. Let’s hope your suggestions are heard by NI as they should be quite simple to implement. I look forward to more of your reviews, cheers!

  11. For my DJing style, Traktor is tops. I’m so happy they finally updated their controllers, and although I’m not sold on the “Pioneer club standard” b.s., I like what NI has put on offer here with both the software and the S4 MK3.

    The one thing missing to me is clickable pots on the EQs. I don’t know why manufacturers aren’t doing this. I rock a customized midi controller setup with endless, clickable encoders and being able to kill and bring back EQs with a single push has spoiled me.

  12. Thax Mo Jaxx!… Now you have done this review… Hence… What’s your take and opinion when considering and comparing Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 vs Traktor S4 MK3? Feedback would be appreciated in addition to my own review and play testing with them at music stores. Keep up with great work of reviews and the DJ City TV channel here.

  13. I am gonna send my s4 back. Native Instruments did not gave me a good answer back on all the problems. And they tried to keep me happy with the same robotic answers that everybody gets (Wait for the update) The pro3 software/hardware integration got too many issues. Tested on several macbooks and windows computers. Native Instruments rushed to sell their product but’ it’s now a crappy package, that will take them al least almost a year to fix everything. In 1 day i could find so many bugs,. More than 5 major ones. And customer support of Native instruments knows all those bugs from the beginning on. Best is to get your money back from the retailer.
    I am now on my old S4 mkII

    …After a hour playing the fx had it’s moment to live its own life. And kicked in out of nothing like madness.
    … Pitch control in TT mode goes only 8%. And the reaction of the fader is then like a sponge.
    … Master clock doesn’t work well
    …Key lock did it on its own way. When loading tracks everything was off key. Even after restarting and resets. And many adjustments in the software.
    … Got screen freezes and dropouts. when i played with time code vinyl next to it. it’s not cpu related. And had the same with old and new models of apple macbooks .
    …Too light isolated build quality.. In a club or on a event with bigger sound systems. The controller goes mad and pics up frequency’s that disturbs the functioning of the hardware.

    DJcity test the controller proper. Be honest when you review a product.

  14. DJjayfortier DJJayFortier

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    combines my fav controllers of all time (Traktor mk4 and Numark NS7) I definitely want this just too bad its not stand alone mixer hope they can add that

  15. Traktor 3 is good apart from it keeps crashing and wiping all my playlists and saved data I’m on the edge with it because I can’t get anywhere with it by the time I have sorted my 12000 tracks it crashes again

  16. I’ve been a Traktor DJ for many years but never used a Traktor controller apart from the F1, X1 and Z1. As radio Dj the one thing I would have liked on this a ducker. Maybe in the next firmware upgrade NI could include this by turning he cue buttons on decks C and D into On/Off buttons for a ducker when the Mic is selected, as these buttons effectively become obsolete. When switched on the ducker would affect the output of decks A and B by attenuating the volume by around 6dB with a fast attack and medium fast release. How’s about it NI, easy enough?

  17. Greetings, I’ve seen that you did a review on Numark NS7 II (or III) in the past. What would you pick for scratching on a controller, this Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3 or Numark NS7 II (or III) since you had an opportunity to try out both?

  18. Nice video brother 👍! ? Does it come with FREE full traktor pro 3 software…& will it work with virtual DJ pro 8 ? Thank you 😁!

  19. NI have updated so the S4 Mk3 can be used as a Standalone Mixer.
    Something though to note from the manual “In Standalone mode the Decks and the FX Units have no
    function. Only the Mixer operates as a conventional DJ mixer. This means the Mixer FX are not
    available, but you can use the Filter on each Mixer channel.”

  20. Looking to buy a dj controller and exploring the market now. Not completly new to djing but have not done it in a long time. Do you have any opinion on the s3 from NI or any sugestions to look at?

  21. Leandro Albuquerque

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    I have an S4 MK2, I bought a DDJ-1000 but I am disappointed. Rekordbox is not good and Pioneer’s “effects” are poor. I’m selling my DDJ-1000 with less than a month of use to buy another S4, but this time MK3

  22. I have an S4 MK2, I bought a DDJ-1000 but I am disappointed. Rekordbox is not good and Pioneer’s “effects” are poor. I’m selling my DDJ-1000 with less than a month of use to buy another S4, but this time MK3

  23. When dude doesn’t understand that U can slap one of these on-top of a club setup DJs and plug direct into a single channel, then U got the 4 decks plus 2 cdjs😎😜. Also laptops are frigging tiny these days big deal

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