Quick Beatmatching – DJing For Dummies

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How to beatmatch REALLY quickly (on vinyl and on CD). Useful when you don’t know if your next tune will be faster or slower than the one playing.

This is meant as an ‘initial’ beatmatch – you’ll still need to listen to, and refine the beats during the mix.

I’ve left the crossfader in the middle, so you can hear both tunes playing. In ‘real-DJing’ you’d listen to the new tune in your headphones while performing this beatmatch.

Taken from www.recess.co.uk – which is the support site for my book, DJing for Dummies

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    The book got me through a rough-rough year man, you got me into this shiz, now im luckily enough doing it on a regular basis and making a name(well..-ish)

    Thank you mate!

  2. @xjuggernaughtx i see you point asking this question, and i think dj Recess answered it right.. however, once you match the beat, you most probably soon (within a minute ?) exchange previous tune with a new one you’ve just matched anyway..there might not even be time to getting the beat even slightly out during that time… just a thought…

  3. hm lol i remember when i first watched this over 2 years ago and beleave it or not it worked like a charm until i mastered the art alough im still not perfect, thanks man, helped alot, ps yekke yekke is a beltin classic

  4. @MatrixOfDynamism
    beatmatching is getting track (for sample) A to have the same bpm(Beats per minut) as track B
    that way you can mix the intro’s of tracks better in the outro and its sounds kickass aswell

  5. @extrudatinoal its possible to use vinyl, cds or mp3s to mix or any combination. mix theory is still the same. for laptop u would need a controller, or you can just press sync so u don’t have to beat match.

  6. @extrudatinoal you dont need records or cd’s. would be a wise idea to grab some decks and mixer then use the mp3’s on your laptop. even though you dont necessarily need them, its good to learn. you can get a program called serato scratch live. great interface.

  7. Ok question, so this works for when you are mixing your 1st record with the 2nd. What about next one? U have adjusted the pitch control to match the 1st record so now the 2nd record is playing at lets say 3%. Do you need to take 2nd record back to 0 to start matching the 3rd record?

  8. Whats he doing when he is pulling the platter back from 3:37 – 3:54 ?
    I’ve seen lots of dj’s pushing the platter forward and pulling it backwards but dont really know what their doing ?

  9. @BlinginTom aha. bud theres more to it than “switching songs” thats the basic sayin i guess you could say but a real dj is well rounded, ie scratching, beatmatching, song selection (key, tempo, pitch, vocals, etc)
    Its an art really.
    Its easy to learn the basics will probably take you a month or two.
    But to actually master the art is rarely achieved.

  10. how can you tell when the song that started faster didn’t end up being the slower one if you went too far? that’s the problem i have (i can’t tell which direction to adjust toward).

  11. @kingbob182 its not how evry1 beatmatches. most ppl start with pitch on 0 and listen 2 see wether its faster or slower, and move the pitch accordingly

  12. @retrotape99

    It’s a 7″ adapter. It’s used for the older 7″ vinyls. They aren’t worth much, so don’t worry about it (unless you have 7″ singles lying around somewhere)

  13. I know I’m still a Dummie and just getting started… what is used as tinge in modern djing? Are there ways to use mp3s, do djs still use vynils, wand what abou cds? In this videos vynil, and mp3 is used right?

  14. Michael De Bruyne

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    What’s wrong with seeing the bpm, putting the pitch of the second track right and then drop the second one in, on the right time, without using the sync button ?

  15. Man its hard for me to pracc beatmatching 😀 Cause i know the bpm when i select the song in my traktor… and i know how much i need to increase the bpm in my cdj :/ I try not to look at the bpm but its just there straight in front of your eyes 😛

  16. @Kompoism a difference of 1bpm will never be an issue – what BPM counters sometimes do is they mess up by counting other beats (Fills, off beats, samples etc) as well as the main tempo… so a 160BPM tune becomes say 200+

  17. DJ. Alex .Luckystrike

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    for a cdj-s beatmatching u can only put sa same bpm at both of the songs and u can cue up da song u wanna bring in….is more simple….

  18. @djallinlucky you still have to match the beats and key. I have owned both, I agree CDJ’s are easier but its not the same as pressing a sync button…

  19. DJ. Alex .Luckystrike

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    WITH OUT USING SYNG i mean..simple u press cue much times on the beat and u drop it…FOR ALL THE GUYS WHO ARE WATCHING THIS VIDEO…..USING SYNC IS SAME AS SINGING IN ”PLAY-BACK”

  20. holding a record on a beat and droping it is pretty much the same thing. Its still called cueing. Again, I am not saying its easier. Just more efficient.

  21. dis is nt called djing…
    d bttr way is jst count d bpm of both tracks and aftr 32 beats jst fire 2 track to 1 nd lil move of jog dial..

  22. on cdjs it tells you the bpm, so run a 4 beat loop from the song you are mixing in to and just keep speading it up or slowing it down by tapping the side of the platter and that will beat match it

  23. I know DJing is a lost art, because this way is harder. But with technology advancing like this, is it really any smarter ? I mean you get the same effect with the sync button. And faster even. Just.. what makes more sense, in terms of efficiency ? That’s why no one DJs like this anymore. Way too hard and you can fuck it up unless you have a lot of experience. But people want a quick solution, to get payed doing less work. It’s about the efficiency. That’s why commercial music sucks too.

  24. TheEndIsHere FinalWarning

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    Djing is about selecting the right tunes and moving the crowd I know djs that can beat match and use all the equipment the ‘non cheating way’ but puts everyone to sleep. At the end of the day its all about what comes out of the speakers and what happens on the dancefloor and that takes good ears!!

  25. Couldn’t agree more. It’s all about being creative. If there’s features that allows us to make our life easier and help us become more creative then I don’t see why we shouldn’t use it.
    Its like choosing not to use a oven and cooking using open fire thinking using oven is cheating.

  26. If you want to play in big venues, when its time switch djs and he is using different equipement or dvs than yours, you still need to beatbatch

  27. Any good DJ would know roughly what BPM’s the tracks he is playing give or take 5 BPM’s, so there would be know point to pull the Pitch Slider all the way full and then slide it up to try and match the beats.
    This is called years of practice and knowing your songs. specially when you only have a 2 hour set and want to mix as many tracks as you can without wasting time trying to find the right speed

  28. Come on, you guys are talking about different stuff. One thing is being a crowd pleaser, the other is being a very good technical DJ. If you are both, amazing. But there are a lot of very good technical DJ’s that fail many times to know what the dance floor is asking. Especially if you play for people who don’t give a shit about what are you using, or if you are cheating, they just want to enjoy!

  29. wow what a convoluted way to mix. That could only work with house and its ilk. A ‘dummy’ would be lost in seconds trying that tactic with an Amen break.

  30. Makes me laugh when DJ’s get all arsey about using the ‘sync button’ it’s practically the same fucking thing. DJing isn’t an art, if you can count and press buttons in time you can DJ (Obviously you can add all the effects, and fancy shit after that). If you really want to show some skill then try PRODUCING the music you’re playing. If you’re DJing it doesn’t matter how you’re doing it, as long as whatever coming out of the speakers sounds good and you don’t fuck up the songs you’re playing then who cares. If the crowd likes it – that’s all that matters

  31. On CDJ’s you dont have to do that actually. You can just use the jogwheel to check if the tune is slower or faster. Move it clockwise and counterclockwise if its slower or faster. Then just increase or decrease the pitch accordingly. The first beatmatch was actually terrible since you didnt let the tunes play for even two seconds before you already called them matched 😀 You should let it play for atleast 30 seconds to know if its matched properly. Tho you can and should always correct it during the mix if you dont have enough time to do a 100% match forehand. Pretty nice tip anyway tho.

  32. Louie Da`Loopa

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    A DJ by today`s standards is nothing more than a “jukebox with a sync
    button”.. A DJ by every other standard is someone that can rock (make
    people dance and enjoy) an event! No matter what the event is.. Once
    “we” know the basic intended vibe of the night we play/DJ/rock
    accordingly. Most of today`s DJ`s play to crowds where skill is not
    required. Today`s DJ merely has to play what is “considered” hot at the
    moment and he/she will be called a DJ!! The standard has been lowered!

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