Making Your FIRST Song in Ableton Live 10 (Using Default Ableton Plugins/Instruments)

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Ever wondered how to make your own music on your computer? Follow along with me as I explain the steps I take to begin creating a new song in Ableton Live 10. I will only use default/stock plugins in this video so everyone can copy my steps. As long as you have Ableton, you can follow along with this video! This is an updated, more modern rework of an older video where I do something similar in Ableton Live 9.

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0:00 – Intro
1:18 – Getting Started
1:58 – Chords
5:23 – Assigning Instruments
5:57 – Bass
9:01 – More Bass
9:43 – EQing
12:32 – Kicks
13:53 – Sidechaining
15:03 – Snares
16:44 – Hihats
17:45 – Stacking Layers
18:48 – Melody
21:24 – Expanding the Song
23:41 – Adding Transitions
25:57 – Exporting Audio

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840 thoughts on “Making Your FIRST Song in Ableton Live 10 (Using Default Ableton Plugins/Instruments)

  1. Follow along and learn how to make your FIRST song in Ableton Live 10! In this video we will start from scratch & use no external plugins to produce our very first ever song. This is a remastered video of a tutorial I made a few years back, this time with higher video quality and newfound music production knowledge that I’m excited to share!

  2. You have saved me ? great video, so helpful. I struggled understanding what different audio affects would do. Subscribed ✅

  3. I just moved to Ableton after 2 years with fl studio, and this really helped, like you wouldn’t believe how much this helped, i pretty much learned everything from this tutorial

  4. Jesus thank you. I couldn’t figure out how to get anything to play, it gets discouraging to fiddle with software for hours and feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

  5. What if you wanted to import a sample to turn that into a midi instrument? I have this one small sample I want to turn into a midi instrument, the only problem is that the sample is really short, and I want to hold the note for much longer. Is there an automatic “hold” setting which automatically repeats the end part until the note ends or do you have to edit the sample manually? I am super new to music making so I don’t really know what to do.

  6. What if you wanted to import a sample to turn that into a midi instrument? I have this one small sample I want to turn into a midi instrument, the only problem is that the sample is really short, and I want to hold the note for much longer. Is there an automatic “hold” setting which automatically repeats the end part until the note ends or do you have to edit the sample manually? I am super new to music making so I don’t really know what to do.

  7. Great video, and I learned some basics and beyond here. It’s a bit million miles an hour towards the end but just about grasped it. Many thanks InspirAspir. BTW, the fifths I had trouble with too. I could not find a hotkey for it. I manually dragged the notes out to roughly the right length, and duplicated them.

    If anybody needs it, and it has been asked I have shared the Ableton Live Set here:
    I have changed a few notes in the leads to suit my tastes but otherwise it’s pretty close to his version.

  8. EQ
    Sub Bass ~ EQ Eight 9:57 – 11:08
    Mid Range Bass EQ Eight 11:20 – 11:53

    Kicks 11:35
    Drum Rack 12:53
    Kick Rattle 13:10 – 13:42

    Sidechaining 13:56
    Compressor 14:02 – 15:01

    Snares 15:06
    Glue Compressor 15:47 – 16:07

    Melody 18:51
    Grouping 19:53

    Expanding Song 21:29
    Automation 21:49 – 23:02
    Automate Low Pass Filter 23:05 – 23:35

    Basic Transition 23:43 – 24:27
    Leaving automation mode 24:27 – 25:04

    Export song 25:56 – 26:04

  9. Hello, I recently downloaded Live 10, but I noticed I don’t have some of the instruments you have such as the Wavetable. Was that a seperate purchase, or dose that come with Ableton 10? Great vid, I have watch it few times already!

  10. 15:24 Where can I find snare_rage_2 sample? I can’t find it anywhere and I do have a full version of Ableton Live 10 Suite. Any help?

  11. I’m working on a new song now actually and thank you for your tutorial, I switched from FL Studio to this one, I feel this software has so much to offer as well.

  12. Jeremiah McCauley Jr

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    Actually, I feel your present on youtube. But I really want you to sent or teach me in a simple way in explaining this ableton live beat creating. Please, because I am a new person in this ableton business. please bro, I got your back all time homie. “God bless you our teacher, keep exploring to the hightest level of your life in the world

  13. Ive had ableton sice 2015, which was me getting a launchpad for the first time. I spent my time learning how to use ableton for launch pad purposes for that year. I moved on to actually learning how to create music. 3 years later i would say i have a really good understanding of the basics of abelton. Ive attempted to make many songs but it never works out. I feel the only thing i am having trouble with is music theory. I never done music theory before so im going to learn that. Anyway you were the first channel that helped me learn the confusing ways of ableton so i could use my launchpad so ty 😀

  14. Tried to follow, but you made a LOT of assumptions about our level of exposure to the DAW. For example when you suggest switching to 4ths or 5ths then settle on 5ths… you did a lot of fast manipulation with zero explanation…. I’m not going to give this vid a thumbs down however. You clearly know what you’re doing… this vid just isn’t suitable for someone who just opened Ableton for the first time 30 min ago…

  15. Could you possibly tell me how to upload an Ableton project onto YouTube? I actually used your tutorial to help me make my first song (thanks so much!) and I want to upload the song to my channel but I’m not sure how. Thanks a million

  16. I’m definitely going to use this tutorial. Question: Is everything you showed in this video available with Abelton Live 10 Lite? I got it as a bonus with my Focusrite interface. It’s just the free version. I would like to “try it before I buy it,” but don’t know what is available to me.

  17. When the video isn’t relevant to you because you use FL Studio but you love all things music so you watch anyway.

  18. great tutorial, didn’t have a sidechain option after dragging in the the compressor though; i’m on ableton live 10 full version too

  19. Very good tutorial man !!!!! But the music in the back… is so unapropriate… so loud, so disturbing because of vocal part… please don’t use it anymore ! Peace!!

  20. I’m only 8 minutes in But my god this is such a great introductory tutorial. I’m switching over from FL Studio and I am just so grateful for your video. It is a major help.

  21. I’m only 8 minutes in But my god this is such a great introductory tutorial. I’m switching over from FL Studio and I am just so grateful for your video. It is a major help.

  22. With this program, am I able to add outside Midi equipment, such a KaossPad, Even a Synth keyboard so it can capture my own sounds?

  23. Thanks for the video! I have a lot less instruments in my library than you do in your video. Is this because I’m using Ableton Live 10 Lite?

  24. Hello producers! My friends and I are in an entrepreneurship class, and we’ve started work on a product to help Ableton beginners skip the details of setting up and begin making music immediately.

    If you’ve ever been discouraged by how much there is to learn to get started producing or frustrated by a tiny problem that takes hours of research to resolve, then we want to help you out!

    We are still very much in the alpha phase, so we’ve created this website to generate feedback and learn what the community wants. We’d appreciate if you could take a look and tell us any thoughts or recommendations you have!

    Here’s the link to check us out:

  25. Best tutorial I’ve seen. You cover many necessary tools and how to apply them, practicaly, all in less than 30 minutes. I congratulate and thank you. ?

  26. I’ve used FL Studio for 7 years and I must say Ableton has an awesome setup. A bit confusing at first but I’m sure I can get used to it very quickly having used FL for 7 years! Wish me luck!!

  27. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say this is the best beginner functions tutorial for Ableton on youtube. Thank you. I was using studio one and switched to Ableton to pick up the new skill set… And this was a perfect starting point. Now if I can just figure out how to rewire and use cross-platform functions I’ll be stoked with Ableton. You helped turn a nearly 1000 dollar program into a functioning tool instead of a bad investment. I’ll kick you some donations for that asap.

  28. I am unable to retrieve the keyboard to play the Bass notes (or any other instruments) that you were able to on the Wavetable at the beginning of the lesson. I have turned on the Computer Mid Keyboard at the top right of screen.Where is that sucker??

  29. Hello Guys 🙂 I Made a desicion to finaly do smth with my hobby music. I have posted some songs on my chanel 🙂 I hope you will all enjoy 🙂 Check my chanel if you want to help an aspiring musician:

    All songs were made using stock Ableton live trial instruments.
    It s not about money 😛 I just hope some people will like my work like i do! Wish you all a good day 🙂

  30. Nice to see your using your drum racks this time around, and a years worth of experience got you using some plugs, its cool watching how young writer/producers progress it helps get me in that creative state of mind during dry spells and Ableton is a great daw I think it’s way underrated but I try to write using it every other week or so it’s a nice break from Pro Tools or Studio One

  31. STRAY's STAY crackhead dreeeaam

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    Your video is so amazing i learned a lot of techniques in this video but Can i ask how to record midi controler’s sound into ableton live 10? maybe you know….

  32. I like ableton cause it actually takes skill. You can’t just click a bunch of pre made crap and call it music. Ableton actually takes talent.

  33. Yeeeah….Ableton has “Children’s Voices”.
    This is very little for world-class production.The “How to..” was very useful.

  34. Thanks for this dude. I got Ableton ages ago and just had a go at it blindly, and just got overwhelmed and demotivated at all the different options, even at the beginning of the vid, where you press tab to change the layout made the software a lot easier to view. But I’ve had another crack at it using this guide and I’m leaps and bounds further than I was in half the time. Thanks brah.

  35. i did that a long time ago. and it’s kinda . . .. . . . i mean they are probably some of the most original sounding stuff i made. though sounded stupid. maybe i should sell them.

  36. I learned more in the first 3 minutes than i did in that one hour fucking video by that beats academy dude, that mother fucker was explaining some of the most useless shit ever that doesn’t even matter that much. I don’t think he knows what the word “beginner” means.


  38. sequoiah grillos

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    I’m on 3:00 and I can’t figure out how to get my mouse to select, it’s stuck on playing individual notes. I’m using Microsoft btw.

  39. Ableton
    Is more Intense and Much more
    If your a beginner no offence but go back to the other
    Music maker you used because trust me!
    Ableton is really complicated
    But if your a professional like Marshmello or Tiesto
    Then fine stick with Ableton
    But beginners!
    I’m warning you ⚠️
    Ableton will confuse you

  40. Emil von Schwartzenberg

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    Thanks for working me into Live for the first time. As you should probably be learning shortcuts from early on, it would be great if you would show shortcuts on a little side pop-up when you use them. Thanks for the vid! ????

  41. I know this might be a kind of crazy question but for vst’s do they go in the plug-ins folder and the same for midi packs that I download?

  42. i recently bought an Arturia Keylab 49 midi controller and i am not a keyboard player but i wanted to pick it up and learn because i learn pretty fast at instruments, but i’m having such a hard time trying to figure out how to use ableton to record, i’m clueless with recording music :’) i’m following everything on this video, but when i clicked B to draw the notes onto ableton and hit play the notes don’t make a sound. am i doing something wrong? can anyone help?

  43. Very Very Very good thank you so much Mate, your an inspiration and your tutorial is exactly what I wanted.
    cheers from Australia Mate

  44. From 4:10 – 4:30 WHAT DID YOU DO?? You usually do an excellent job of explaining your exact keystrokes, but here you somehow took one chord and divided it into 4 separate chords, and then into 5 separate chords. I have no clue how to do that?!?

  45. This video answered SO many questions I’ve been wondering about for a long time. Thank you for making it simple and to the point, very nice! *thumbs up*

  46. Hey guys I just started with ableton live 10, and I was wondering if there was any shortcut to how you made the chords into fifths,

    Thanks a lot

  47. Does the free trial of Ableton Live 10 not come with plug-ins? Because I downloaded it and no plug ins are showing up naturally. Can anyone help?

  48. Great video, thanks for posting! Had just the right amount of small tips and tricks to help someone early in the process stop banging their head trying to figure out the simple stuff!

  49. Apeksh Naidu 38

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    Each and everytime you make something you teach everything again. Thank You so much for taking time to educate us about Ableton Live !!! ^_^??

  50. How do i get my ableton to make the cursor at 2:33 mine doesnt want to expand the piano and when it does it take up the whole screen with only 10 keys at most

  51. What you’re calling “fifths” is actually four dotted eighth notes followed by a quarter note. “fifths” in this context kinda implies quintuplets, which would be 5 equally divided notes in a bar

  52. Dude!!! you are just killing it with your tutorials! If am buying Ableton it will be because of you. Just feel confident using it now. BTW, just curious…do you any tutorials where you demonstrate using Ableton with external MIDI keyboards (AKAI or Launchpad etc.,)?

  53. Hey, InspirAspir. Question: I’ve just started using Lite 10. Around 4:08 you changed the chord patterns. How did you adjust that, specifically to fifths? Are you just drawing it in to fit? I’m assuming there is a much faster way. I’m having trouble finding it in Ableton’s materials. I’d greatly appreciate the help!

  54. i just wanna know how you chopped your notes..
    love your videos but i hate how you tend to cut parts of your video, so i end up thinking “wait.. how did he do that, when did he do this…” or “what shortcuts did he do to do this..” etc..

  55. I’ve had Ableton live 9 for like 4 years and always just messed around with it, picking up bits and parts. This video helped structure all the parts I already knew and taught me some really helpful new stuff too (using the compressor and equaliser – I was just using the auto filter for filtering frequencies until now. Many thanks!

  56. Hi, i have a question, which is better: Fl Studio or Ableton to make a song with default plugins?
    Thanks and good job ! 🙂

  57. Brandi Christina

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    okay so I couldn’t get pass the first 2 minutes of the tutorial because “insert MIDI clip” doesn’t show up for me. Any idea why?

  58. I just want to say thank you! This video alone is the best at explaining jammed packed stuff in the simplicity that you do. you’ve saved me perhaps months to years on the small details of the layout of the project. Will sub. Keep making awesome content!

  59. I can make a spinnin records track in 2 hours with fl studio, I tried my best and I know all daws are the same but I have better workflow in fl studio

  60. Jessica Baimbridge

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    What an awesome overview!
    I was looking for a tutorial that wasn’t too long, or short and this is exactly what I needed to get started into Ableton! Thanks!

  61. Im lovin it but idk why i rly hate it when u keep sayin “for the sake of organisation” anyways u’re killin it

  62. Chris MacKinnon

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    Good info, but you are too quick (edits and instructions) to actually follow along, and though I want to I just get lost. Beginners will have a hard time keeping up, I think. I will watch in any case because it’s all helpful info, in a whirlwind. thanks.

  63. really nice vid for beginners 🙂 i will recommend your channel 😉 next step external synths like serum & sylenth1.. best regards from germany

  64. Thank you! It seems to be just what I was looking for. I have been getting used to my Alesis V25 and Focusrite Scarlett with Ableton 10 lite, now I should be able to do what I have been trying to figure out on my own, mostly. Thanks again.

  65. Quick question, why does there seem to be a sort of input lag when the kick drums start playing. Is that just because of editing or is it more so because of a delay effect ?

  66. Hey bro I just got Ableton, Your video just saved me. I’m just beginner to this but overall thanks for posting this video.

  67. Damian hijoeputa

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    btw, thank you even tho you didnt teach me how to fully operate ableton lite, you did make it a lot easier on me so thanks

  68. RIP me, i don’t have ableton live i only have ableton lite and i don’t have most of the things that you used in this video (ex EQ Eight, I only have EQ Three)

    Any help to show me ways around stuff that he mentioned in the video would be greatly appreciated

  69. So, you dragged the wave table instrument completely in the midi track, and then drag a sound (from the wave table also) on that same same track? I always started immediately from the sound I desire in wave table, and drag that to the midi track. As I’m a noob, what is the difference in your style vs. mine? Thanks. I will continue watching your video:-)

  70. Hi! I’m new to Ableton Live 10 Intro and I have a question. Two of my midi tracks that are grouped together won’t play its audio. I was wondering if you had any tips to fix that? Thanks!

  71. Is there a “slower” version of this information? I’m sorry, I mean I do actually understand most of what is being covered. Maybe 70%. I’m old school and began recording on reel to reel, 4 track cassettes and then stand alone digital 16 track. So I’m trying to get acclimated to another format or platform, with such unlimited options it is literally mind blowing. But I do feel that if I get myself a controller and your software, that I can make it work. I’ve recorded a heck of a lot in my lifetime, both studio and live. So while I feel I could never take full advantage of all this technology, not even close, but that I should be able to operate it and get fair to decent use out of it, and be creative in other ways than my traditional studio instruments & effects. But while I know that most people are following this, for me it’s running very fast, even when I run it back and play it again. Sometimes I lose where the cursor is and so I lose track of what we’re doing. Like I say, I think this is a great product and you are a great resource. Can never have to many good educators. So I just wanted to comment my thoughts. Thanks for what you do.

  72. Stanlex Greenson

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    I don’t get why my glacier voices doesn´t sound that loud, mine is too quiet than yours and it seems you didn´t modify anything ?

  73. I’m trying to find out how to use my new Rolland DUO-CAPTURE EX
    So far I am still clueless. If anyone can reply to this comment with any advice would be appreciated

  74. Hey dude killer tut. thank you for skipping over the things that didnèt make sense for this video, it helps alot.
    Is there a tutorial you know of that covers the fundamental workflow aspects of abletonÉ
    like, writing in midi- changing length, vel, quantizing,
    Things like using a marquee tool (Im coming from logic and protools) to play back from the marquee, switch to loop quickly, tabbing to transient, things of that nature

  75. Um i have questions, what key are you in and can you tell me the chords you used.
    It would be great if you told them in the video (maybe your next ones).
    Thanks a lot.

  76. Albamaria Rodrigues

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    2:48 how can I edit the instrument assigned (so as to fade or something)?
    also some instruments give a click sound when it receives a note off message. how to remove this?

  77. Hey… I just found this now and I will say.. Thank you for teaching me how to actually put this to use. I’m going to study hard in all of your videos because I appreciate what you do. Your awesome and God bless you

  78. If you’re making your first ever beat, DON’T use ableton, because it might most likely be very difficult lol. Start with Logic pro x or FL studio.

  79. I am just starting to get into making music. I have been taking some Udemy courses on music theory in my free time over the past few months and have learned a TON. However, none of those classes go over how to make a song (which wasn’t the intent of those classes of course, not bashing them at all…. they were awesome classes.). I just wanted to say that you just gave people a crash course worth a lot of credit (or money if you want to think of it that way). You gave people the creative process… that is AWESOME; and you were great at doing it. This is probably the area people struggle in a lot first starting out like myself: “okay well i know how to make cool sounding melodies… but what bpm? what is a lead? what are layers? how do I use audio effects? how do I make it sound like a song instead of just the same melodic loop? bass then drums then melody? what is the best order to make all of the components?” these are just some of the question I asked myself that you have answered. Of course it is an ART and the creative process is up to the individual, but giving someone a foundation that they can then branch from, is so important.


  80. Nice one. That’s everything I need to know right now. I can work the rest out. Time to make the change from Cubase! Cheers 🙂

  81. Language Of Royalty

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    This is a great video very clear to understand and you explained everything well! Thank you! I hope you continue to make videos forever haha!

  82. i was wondering why when i clicked the little headphone button, i cant hear the notes i click? my headphones are in properly and my sound is on x
    thanks 🙂

  83. Enjoyed your presentation Sir, I’m at the beginning of my Abelton journey, I found your video really informative, I’ll be taking some tips so thankyou for that, a small piece of constructive criticism, slow things down a little, I found it a lot to take in at a fast pace for a beginner, but really useful thanks for sharing your knowledge ✌❤

  84. Thanks for this, just starting the journe. I can play keyboard, but am now learning a huge amount from you, and what needs to go into making a solid track.

  85. By far the best I have ever seen. I almost gave up on this beat making stuff, but you get me excited for it! Thank you thank you thank you Aspir

  86. i just downloaded ableton live 10 standard edition and Its not showing the wavtable in my instruments? Is this only in Suite??
    Thanks for the tutorial by the way!

  87. Even after watching the tutorial I still don’t know what I’m doing, also I can’t redo a mistake I made without exiting the program and starting over entirely. I honestly feel so drained trying to use ableton but at least it’s not fl studio

  88. Hey boi, at first thank you for recording that video, really helped me out making my first steps in music production. But nexttime pls explain which hotkeys you are using for example i had no idea how to make them hit in fiths and needed some research to continue.

  89. I followed this and actually managed to make something haha! Thank you! I was so overwhelmed by all the features and things I didn’t know how to do, and so I really appreciate this

  90. Thanks man. I do like your clear, descriptive videos – helps me (as a relative novice) cut through the techie talk on the Ableton manuals. Learnt a lot of useful stuff, that previously was confusing me. Nice one

  91. Why don’t you just use one single drum rack for all drum hits? instead of using a drum rack to the snare, another to the kick,, etc. It makes things easier.

  92. Is this Ableton 10 Suite? I have Lite and definitely missing quite a few instruments etc… Any suggestions on which version to upgrade to down the road?

  93. Hey so I see myself and a few others aren’t able to find Wavetable. I see it listed around as a new feature of Ableton 10, but when I search for it online it looks like you have to buy it? I thought this video only used default products so is Wavetable a default feature or not?

  94. Hey man, love your work. Would you ever be able to make a video that focussed purely on the production side of things/ how to use the majority of effects properly?

  95. Hey dude!
    You were the initial inspiratoon with this video to start me up with music production is was pretty new to music production and still kind of am but did big leaps.
    Here’s my very first published track, I would love feedback: .

    Thank you so much time for taking your time to read this and I wish you the best of luck in music to anyone reading this.

  96. i wasted one hour trying to find the reason why i odnt have some of the tracks you have, and then just realized that i havent authorized the computer yet…

  97. I love your videos, they have helped me a lot with my music. I started making music using a launchpad and Ableton Live. Your tutorials have carried me a long way. Thanks.

  98. The background music while you’re talking is SO irritating, when I am trying to concentrate on what you are saying. Arrrrgh!

  99. You said something about beginners then first song and then lost me when you started talking about fifth in a bar know idea what or how you did that splitting the bar into five got me stuck I was enjoying it up until then you didn’t explain how got there

  100. I don’t have the same audio effects and instruments. I want to use wavetable and I don’t have EQ Eight. I have Live 10 Lite, am I just being stupid?

  101. Hello, friend. I have a question anyway, it seems that you have more than 8 tracks in your videos meanwhile my Ableton Live 10 have a limitation of 8 tracks only, any advise for that?

    Thanks! 🙂

  102. I’m still having troubles setting up the scenes for separating the song parts ie: intro, verse, chorus,etc… I’m a beginner so if someone can explain this simply, step by step, I sure would be grateful. Thx

  103. Any reason why you suddenly put two audio tracks in at the end after using so many midi tracks…? What difference does this make? Thanks for the great video

  104. “Music Theory is important, but so is rythm” Taht does at least heavily suggest that rythm isn’t part of music theory. That is just wrong.

  105. WHY ON EARTH would you add background music to a music production tutorial?! Imagine another video overlaid on top of a video editing tutorial!

  106. A video request.
    My mixes sound good in the DAW but it sounds trash after export. I’m losing out on the punch and a lot of sound quality. And I really don’t understand what to do. Please help me out. 🙏

  107. As an advanced musician, I LOVE getting a look into the head of a composer who doesn’t know music theory. There’s no correct method or superior composition technique. In the end, all good compositions are based on just playing stuff that sounds good to you.

  108. “[EQ’ing] can make your layers fit together like puzzle pieces.” I have never heard such an intuitive way to explain EQ.

  109. why do you have to have that awful music playing in the background when you are trying to teach someone about melody ! I had to give up, half way through !

  110. Do I really need to buy the Suite version in order to get any synths or sound generators? There are some drum generators from what I’ve seen, but any synth basically requires the Suite?

  111. Emmanuel Dorvilier

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    Ya man I just made a wonderful track thanks man I started on 9 watching be ur how to make a 🥁 beat on live 9 abelton

  112. Thanks a lot for this, frustrated newbie (although not newbie piano player), Albeton is easier than I thought although I’m tempted to go all out for Logic Pro X.

  113. When i create the MIDI and try to drag an instrument over, it doesn’t let me continue in the piano screen (following the video as a brand new creator). Any tips on what i could be doing wrong?

  114. Try making another tutorial. You are going through this so fast and as if anyone knows the basics of this program. You made it way too complicated but found another video that helps out SO much more. You appointed it to what you know and no one else. Also, your merch is trash.

  115. This video was amazing , it helped me create my first two albums! Thank you so much! I’v always wanted to create music, this video pushed me in the right direction, again, I say, thank you

  116. Any advice for someone who only has the lite version (I have no EQ8, very little pre set instruments, and only 8 tracks to work with)

  117. Phillipeace Williams

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    This is the best learning video I have ever used, seriously! Concise, to the point, easy to follow, and great information to follow along and actually learn by doing! Thank you!

  118. I really can’t thank you enough for this tutorial!! I’ve been trying to produce music for a while now but I always give up after a while. This is the first tutorial I could follow all the way through 😍

  119. so far this tutorial helped me soooooooooooooooooooooo far.
    only i always forget how to get into the piano part hahaha!
    is there a easier way to find it?

  120. Wow, so this isn’t really my type of electronic music but this helped so much! You don’t linger on a topic for too long and avoid redundancy so it’s fast paced learning but you’re also thorough and informative. Thank you so much!

  121. how do you add an instrument to another midi track im having a problem i made my first midi track i drew some notes and added a sound but now on my second midi track i cant drag new sound like bass without it changing both miditracks and it sounds all messed up please help someone im new to abelton and making music if you know how i can fix this or what im doing wrong please dont hesitate im eager to learn!

  122. how do you add an instrument to another midi track im having a problem i made my first midi track i drew some notes and added a sound but now on my second midi track i cant drag new sound like bass without it changing both miditracks and it sounds all messed up please help someone im new to abelton and making music if you know how i can fix this or what im doing wrong please dont hesitate im eager to learn!

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