How to Orbit Scratch | DJ Dirty Digits | Watch And Learn

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Originated by DJ Disk, the Orbit (also known as the two-click flare) Scratch is built upon the Click Scratch. It is characterized by double tapping the fader from the open position while keeping your hand glued to the record.

In this edition of Watch And Learn, Dirty Digits breaks down how to do an Orbit Scratch in three ways. By starting slowly at first, then gradually raising the speed of the scratches, and finally demonstrating over a beat.

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38 thoughts on “How to Orbit Scratch | DJ Dirty Digits | Watch And Learn

  1. today’s learning scratchers are so lucky! I remember seeing craze in london doing some weird hand movement on the fader which looked like he was pinching the fader and getting hella cuts…. off I go home and practice something that I didn’t even know what it was or what I should be doing, until one day I could grab the fader and produce 3 sounds AKA pinch orbits. Now people can stumble across videos like this and have it broken down to molecules. Learning for myself has given me a very solid base to develop, but I’ve got mad love for sharing the knowledge too. 🙂

  2. I was always taught an ‘Orbit’ is any scratch that is the same on the backwards movement than it is on the forward movement… The problem becomes that nearly any scratch can then be an orbit…so this would be a 2 click flare orbit

  3. Dirty D, awesome tutorials as always… I know this was done a couple of yrs ago. If you get the chace can you show a video on how to do the pinching motion when doing the 2 click flare/orbit? There are no tutorials on the pinching of the fader. Since you are the best on breaking things down, I think a lot of us would love to see it done.
    Thx Bobby D

  4. 1 click , 3 click and 4 clicks can be “orbited” to. Orbit in scratch mean that u do the same thing at the forward as the reverse, in the same rythme. transform can be orbit to, and the basic baby scratch is an orbit one to. Peace

  5. Took me 5 years practice..
    Probably same for any other instrument..
    That is 5 years in bedroom..
    That ain’t nothing when taken outside..

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