105 thoughts on “How To DJ (Properly)

  1. Hahahaha, I give this troll a 9/10. I would have given it a 10 if at least one of the comments on the first page would have been somehow congratulatory.

  2. who takes 2mins 30 seconds of constant trying to queue up a tune, a proper dj would do it in about 20-30 seconds, and then actually drop it in on the right bar, at the right speed! N000000B!!!! YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!

  3. lol your shit!

    Took you a whole record record to mix a tune like that!? FAIL

    If it was some crazy ragga jungle or breakcore I may be a little more sympathetic!

  4. cmon like if you guyz can do better…he young and is trying his best cmon now…i suck at DJ but dont get it twisted..i got rhythm hehe

  5. When you make a “How To” video , you should at least post some info or at least be sharing some kind of verbal or visual knowledge of “How To” accomplish something .
    Not a good title for this video. Maybe it should have been , ” Look At Me , I’m dancing around on YouTube”

  6. You’re supposed to use your headphones when mixing. Perhaps that explains why the mix is offbeat. You can “yeah” when you have an onbeat blend. And for the love of God, put your turntables the right way!

  7. How to properly DJ, ha ha ha! Its funny because this is what actual Club DJs do, just spin that right platter and let the left record play all day long 🙂

    One time II was tempted to jump in the DJ booth when this “DJ” decided to plug his Ipod up and wander off in the dance floor leaving his Ipod do all the work for him, what a douche, lazy-ass, DJ.

  8. bwahhhhhh.. .I didn’t even look at the vid. I just looked at the title and said “This guy is a tool (properly)”

    Dude, apart from the fact that I can see that your are just a bedroom banger – on the basis that you don’t even have a quality pair of turnies- you can’t just go posting something on youtube and claim that it is the only correct way to achieve something.

    I suggest you now delete this upload to save yourself face cause those dance moves don’t help your mixing.

  9. This kid didn’t do a thing. Honestly I’m quite sure that he doesn’t know how to dj. He’s just another kid who got mommy and daddy to waste their money.

  10. Well first of all, it is not what title says… this is not a “how to”, in fact this is the kid’s learning session. Well it zucks but we all begin someway, don’t we?

  11. at least he is using vinyl and trying to beatmatch instead of using traktors autosync like 99% of his friends do.

    keep it up!

  12. press 1 blowjob
    press 2 handjobb
    press 3 footjob
    press4 this suck
    press 5 sucked
    press 6 this guy just sucked dick
    press 7 this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hey at least this kid is beat matching. Too many “auto-beat” DJ’s now-a-days.

    Forget the negativity. Just keep practing!

  14. lol you didn’t do anything, go sell those thing to someone who’ll actually use them? and whats te dance at the end?

  15. lazy ass bitches run to your room wiith your virtual DJ, lazy Lazy Lazy idiots. As a real Dj. would say ” Two turn Tables, Turn turn Tables and a microphone. ” Your doing just fine kid keep it up

  16. @Austin9821 Pure haters, leave the poor boy alone, apart from having the decks set up for DMC style mixing he has managed to get two tracks playing almost in time. his techniques need work but he has the basic idea!!!

  17. ok here’s a hard cold fact! yes he should be proud that he’s using vinyl and is making an effort. but i have been djing 15yrs, and there’s nothing wrong with mixing with software. it has saved the life of my collection of vinyls which i spent years and cash collecting. the kids skills do not mean he’s entitled to name his video “how to dj (properly)” because there was nothing proper about it. and then to call himself “the best dj in the world” is most definitely wrong.

  18. @chileno561 same here but I finally got a cheap dj midi console and i am doing a saturday job and a job after school to be able to buy a cdj350 and djm 350…

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