Beginner DJ Lesson – How To DJ On The DDJ-400 – Perform Your First Mix With Our FREE DJ Music Pack

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This beginner DJ tutorial will help you get started on your DJ equipment, setup or controller. These are the key things you need to be comfortable with when starting out! Learn about the cue button, jog wheels, tempo faders, EQs and how to mix. Learn how to JD with the DDJ-400 or apply this knowledge to any DJ setup!

Learn how to start beat matching and mixing with one of our online DJ courses here:

In this tutorial, we are using the Pioneer DDJ 400 and Rekordbox however the same principle applies no matter what equipment or software you are using.









(3 MILLION VIEWS) House + EDM Mashup:

(1.1 MILLION VIEWS) Dance Anthems Mix:

(1 MILLION VIEWS) Bashment & Dancehall Mix:

(650k Views) Playing Live To 5000 People:

(650K Views) Mixing 5 Genre’s In 10 Minutes:









185 thoughts on “Beginner DJ Lesson – How To DJ On The DDJ-400 – Perform Your First Mix With Our FREE DJ Music Pack

  1. i wish i saw this when i statred djing 5 years ago 🙂 it would really help. i also think you should do more advanced mixing features on your channel, just a thought 😉

  2. SteelerY360Nation

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    Thank You! ?

    I’m getting the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller, and I’m looking forward to taking your Online Classes!

    I’m creating my own Home Music Studio in parts. I already have the RockJam RJ-761 digital piano keyboard, and will also purchase the Maschine MK3 soon


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    Hello Jamie. I’m writing you today because I have A question about a specific use case. I would like to start a channel about my journey in fitness and I currently teach a class that is qued to music for our transitions and we have been doing so for 31 seasons. I would like to do my own mixes for my classes and create my own beats occasionally because I want to learn to create mixes that are not copyright restricted. I was considering the Numark DJ2GO2 because I vision myself mostly using my music mixes for my fitness video productions. How ever what tools would you suggest for a Youtuber DJ Fitness Channel type of setup. I definately do not want to DJ Professionally just would like to provide some customized production to my fitness classes and online trainings? Thank You so much Love Your videos

  4. Its still daunting as I have no equipment, even need to buy laptop but this guy has a great style! I think he talks you through at a nice pace and you feel like your mate has just come round to show you how to DJ

  5. i want to dj at home but i dont have a laptop i have a PC, can i still dj with a PC or do i need to get a laptop????

  6. Hi .. do you know the site Jootoobe?
    For who is Dj is a very cool site because you can set up
    playlist quickly to play at the parties … you can also export and import playlists and save ….. I wanted to share this tip.

  7. That was very nice, I have always been influenced by all forms of dance/ electronic music for 25 years, now I think I want to do DJing, doing deep house, house, techno, dubstep, drum n bass all sorts..

  8. Patrick Michael Sohacki

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    HAVE YOU DONE YOUR HOMEWORK YET??? ? hello! ? I make electronic dance/ house music. check it out!!! thanks ??

  9. Connor Thompson

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    Can someone help me my crossfader is locked to the left and it doesn’t fade deck 1 out into deck 2 it just applys to both I own a numark ns6II

  10. When I press que because I only want to hear it in my earphones, it doesn’t work I can hear the second song also on my computer

  11. ? This is really helpful to beginners aim to be DJs!
    Hope you can teach more DJ technique and even some aspect like how do most DJ monetize etc. coz I pretty suck…
    Also, I wonder do you need to pass Music Theory Grade 5 before learning to DJ?
    If not, then what skills or knowledge do I need to required to be a DJ?

  12. this was an in-depth tutorial – thank you for that! I see that you’re mixing using house music though – will you be covering hip hop as well? As its a bit different when you DJ hip hop..?

  13. You get started by getting some turntables, a mixer and a box of vynl and start beat matching and then perfecr your style of mixing.

  14. Charlie Stephen-lees

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    I’m looking for music like he was using , and also underground donk/uk rave tunes that are good to mix

  15. Gabrielle Rose Small

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    question… if im playing music from channel 1 (for ex), I can weirdly hear the track still even if the cross is alll the way over at channel 2 side and the volume fader of channel 1 is also all the way down… it makes mixing hard, wtf am i doing wrong or is my controller broken? I have a pioneer serato portable mixer like this one

  16. Tip for all new DJ’s. I just bought the TMA-2 headset from AI AI AI. You can configure the headset for your personal preferences.

  17. Thank you so much for such an awesome content, I’ve been following your tips for more than a year and now I think I’ve learned something that I can use for my DJ career . I even started uploading mixes and some tutorials on my YouTube Channel. It would be a great pleasure if you guys could check my channel out.


  18. I have no equipment still Saving my loot. Good to know what I’m getting into thank you. The controller is important I’m guessing. You’ll be engaging more with the audience and music. I’ve notice a lot of edm djs mix it’s nasty. I want to make riddim

  19. Respect your body

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    I have no equipment still Saving my loot. Good to know what I’m getting into thank you. The controller is important I’m guessing. You’ll be engaging more with the audience and music. I’ve notice a lot of edm djs mix it’s nasty. I want to make riddim

  20. I’m about to order my DJ Equipment here in a few days so I will be taking this course & start practicing. Thank you for this video!

  21. Calling all DJs, i have a question:

    If i want to start DJing,
    Do I or should i start with beginner equipment (like ddj400) or can i immediately learn from high end equipment? Is it better for me to start with something cheap like ddj 400 or can I use something like this or ddj 1000 to start? And why? Can’t i start learning the basics on a high end system?

  22. I bought a second hand numark mixtrack pro and some headphones but there is no headphone jack…help! What do I need to make it work?

  23. Hashan Samarasingha

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    You are one of the best. U gave everything in simple even an alien can understand, thank u very much for being so clear. ❤️

  24. Man. This video was so informative and thorough. You spoke clearly & slowly enough for people to grasp. I used a DJ app on my phone just for sh*ts & giggles on my phone so I learned all of this stuff on my own, but hearing everything explained clearly made it that much better. I’m really interested in buying some equipment and starting to practice on my own. This video helped boost my confidence to do so.

  25. Kristen Longoria

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    Such an informative, clear, and wonderfully structured for a beginner – without ignoring the overall features. The speaker was well-spoken and well-paced. I really appreciate the production value here. Thanks!

  26. Stuee_mk1 Stuee_mk1

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    Lost me in the first minute when he started going on about importing files and all that bollocks, il be DJing with vinyl, the proper way.
    Shit video, software? Wtf? That’s not DJing, that’s being good at IT

  27. hey nice video am not a dj but would like to have something at the house to have fun with which one should I get don’t want to spent a lot of money on thanks

  28. Thank you for your style! It’s very simple and understandable… I used to DJ after school but I’m planning to purchase some equipment for personal fun..great job👏🏾👏🏾

  29. Watching this in 2021 I do agree that this has a really good intro throughout the Crossfader tutorials whereas Jamie just normally walked in infront of the camera.

  30. 1- Get a pc or mac
    2- Get a software
    3- Search for lots of plugins, drum kits…
    4- Make your own tracks, remixes or remakes.
    Now you are DJ.
    5- Upload your tracks to soundcloud
    6- Buy TURNTABLE
    7- Share your music to crowd.


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    Is it common for DJs to completely change the tempo of the song (playing a tech house track at maybe 130 bpm from start to finish so that it fits in a mix with idk maybe bassline house)? That is if the track isn’t pitch-shifted as a result.

  32. Hi ! I did message on insta if I could please have some advice!! I have used the DDJ400 for quite a few months now with rekordbox and beatport, but now I am ready to move onto bigger equipment I want to be ready to confidently play in clubs!! Could you please advice which controller or CDJ is the next step for me at home to get me use to a club set up !!?

  33. rodriguesdosantos glorioso

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    Hi I’m from Brazil. The friend could make a video showing if there is a possibility to use ipads from 2012 2013 with the ddj400 controller with Rekordbox? The problem is that in Brazil, everything related to technology is much more expensive and not everyone has the money and access to all the technology that their friend has. Is there a cheaper possibility to use the a ddj400 with tablets… or Android smartphone? friend could you make a video with alternatives but cheap where you can use ddj400 controller? I appreciate your attention. Stay with God in the Peace of Christ and in the Love of Mary.

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