Ableton Live 10 & 11 Beginners Tutorial | Beat Academy

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ill Factor is also the founder of Beat Academy – an online community that provides step-by-step tutorials on music production and an exciting community of artists and producers to collaborate with and give you feedback on your songs.

Learn more:

0:45 Main view,
1:51 Parameters
5:48 browser window,
11:33 Create and record MIDI
14:06 Edit MIDI
14:30 Rack



1,100 thoughts on “Ableton Live 10 & 11 Beginners Tutorial | Beat Academy

  1. After many years my mac brokedown so i bought a Dell server for 50 bucks and decided to go pc for the time being
    so I installed ableton 10 lite and mixbus32c
    i started watching this long tutorial but it is one of the best i have seeN
    Everything is well explained
    I will check out his site and support his business

  2. Good tutorial, but I would prefer he follow up each section he just explained, so I could hear what he was talking about (for example, the Legato button). I know he did so for some, but not for all.

  3. You know whats annoying? You say tutorial but when people first download this their layout is completely different to yours.

    How do we make it look like yours?

  4. Jordan Tyler Dillard

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    So I’m trying to record a beat with the 808 that is built in and its not recording. I’ve armed the track and I’m pressing record and I can hear the beat as I click, but when I try to play it back, there is nothing. I have been playing with it for hours and scouring the internet for an answer and have gotten no where. Beyond frustrated at this point. Does anyone else have this issue or any advice?

  5. At the 13:00 mark, how do you get the drum sound using your keyboard? i dont have any midi devices and learning to use this using a basic keyboard mouse setup

  6. One thing you didn’t explain is how to set up Computer Keyboard for MIDI. I’ve been watching this video for a while and you didn’t mention how. Could I have some help?

  7. I got live lite 9 with the keystation mini keys, got more out of your video than the tafe college out north of this city. Where they talked non stop and showed us nothing. This is excellent.

  8. This is the best tutorial I’ve ever seen explaining anything. Concise yet so comprehensive. Ableton has countless features and parameters that need explanation but you really covered all the essentials. amazing!!!

  9. What I don’t understand is why you used 1 midi track to compose all your drums (kicks, snares high hats ect.) with midi keys earlier in the video. Then towards the end you changed it to each drum piece having its own separate track like the audio tracks?? (kick on it’s own track, snare track, bass sub track, piano track ect)???? Also I like to compose all my drums for entire song much like you would see on guitar easy tabs or easy drum tabs chart, Can I do this on the arrangement view? can I do anything on the arrangement view that you can do on the session view??? doesn’t seem like it??? thank you.

    After I record onto arrangement view? can I do all the same changes that I can do in session view? Like if I record all my drums then decide to alter one part of the recorded piece? Or do I have to rerecord the whole thing “IF” I compose the entire song on one midi clip? I am coming at this from a Rock Music style not a edm style where you use a lot of loops.

  10. When I first saw Ableton 10 live I thought I could never manage to do a god beat on it so I went on YouTube and looked for tutorials…I clicked on this video and watched it. It was so helpful and I would recommend it for everybody who wants to Stars doing beats on Ableton 10 live!!
    Thanks for this grate video!!!

  11. Finally an excellent video showing how Ableton works! However, I have a question: I noticed many buttons that are shown in the tutorial are not shown on my windows. Are Apple and Windows configurations different? Also, I downloaded the free pack but somehow I can’t seem to install it…..

  12. Definately’ one of ”THE BEST” (Ableton live) videos I’ve watched so far , sooo perfectly explained. Thank you! so much.

  13. Great video but this program is seriously confusing compared to others in my opinion but I guess you have to spend a lot of time with it.

  14. Hi, I found that in the package of samples I download from your description, in the folder samples and loopsone shotsKicks there are some WAVs, very small (88 bytes) and that ableton doesn’t reproduce and said that these files are corrupted or you don’t have a license. I read somewhere that I need Quicktime and the problem continue. I think it’s an error from your package cause 88 bytes is to small for a WAV file.

  15. On 10 years of having my youtube account, I have never ever commented on a video, but maaaan I really want to thank you for this incredibly clear tutorial.

    You made me and a couple of my friends very happy.
    Thank you again and keep it up!!

  16. 14:00 How do you trigger the sounds with your computer keyboard? It won’t let me; I have to click on each sound I want individually with my cursor.

  17. 0:45 vista principal, 1:51 parámetros, 5:48 browser window, 11:33 crear MIDI, grabar MIDI 14:06, editar MIDI 14:30, rejilla 16:08 (configurar 16:57, 18:09), lápiz 19:09, cuantizar 12:10,

  18. Sean Hale Woodcrafts and Music

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    Thanks so much!! I went from never using Ableton in my life, to having fun in just a short time with this video. Awesome man. I have subscribed!!

  19. I love to see a COMPLETE, “How to remix a song Tutorial from scratch” – and maybe starting, from arranjament wiew, with some material from the original version… made by ill Factor, because you are a awesome explaining things!!!

  20. and maybe, more for beginers… and for thousands non native english talkers out there, because you have a easy understandable english way of talking!!! Thank you very much, for all theeae eforts… and specially for your time !!!!!!!

  21. Can you help, for example like in 11:50 the tutorial on simply putting a drum beat on the MIDI, when I press record the beat doesn’t play at all and all I hear is the metronome? And when I check to edit it on the bottom there’s literally nothing to edit I’m so confused

  22. I’ve spent the past 4 year using Logic Pro X and enjoyed it but always was inspired by Majid Jordan’s producer, Jordan Ullman. He uses Ableton so I made the transition to Ableton and this hands down is the most comprehensive tutorial i’ve ever watched involving a DAW. I’ve watched hundreds on Logic ones and none of them compare to this. Thank you so much .

  23. Produced by Luey

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    I’ve spent the past 4 year using Logic Pro X and enjoyed it but always was inspired by Majid Jordan’s producer, Jordan Ullman. He uses Ableton so I made the transition to Ableton and this hands down is the most comprehensive tutorial i’ve ever watched involving a DAW. I’ve watched hundreds on Logic ones and none of them compare to this. Thank you so much .

  24. This has got to be one of the greatest ableton live tutorials of all times! Thanks alot for sharing this vídeo!!!

  25. Please make this into a short series! I’ve searched everywhere for a great tutorial on Ableton Live 10. Literally everything you said made so much sense. Everything was so clear and because of this video I feel like I can fully understand the basics. I’ve recently been wanting to start using Ableton but I felt like it was so overwhelming so I really avoided using it because it seemed so complicated but your video has made everything so clear. Please make at least 1 or 2 more videos on this haha. It’s made such a huge impact on my learning process! At the very least thank you for making this amazing tutorial!! I feel like I can finally start getting my feet wet in Ableton because of this 🙂

  26. I learned more within the first 35 minutes than I did with hours of FL Studio tutorials, and this is the first I’ve watched for Ableton. Thank you and well done.

  27. Bear Au Jus - ジュースとくま

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    i bought Ableton 10 & Plug-in after watching this video lol
    this guys is really good at explaining, thanks so much ! Really usefull for my Nightcore experiment.

  28. when you are so new to this, even begginers tutorial seems really complicated, damm. but the tutorial seems pretty legit and in full details so i will defenitely give it a try!

  29. Does Abelton allow the composer to record instruments at a slower tempo and play them back at a higher tempo without affecting the pitch of each instrument?

  30. Raymond Peterson

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    Is this tutorial applicable to all versions of ableton 10 live no matter the price of the package ? Also which drum kits and plug ins are already included in the most basic version of the program ?

  31. Absolutely fantastic! Definitely feeling more confident with the program now.. Would love to see a tutorial on common filters and how to use them. Thank you!

  32. neville animusic

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    This is brilliant, and I’m obviously trying to run before I can walk, since I only installed yesterday, as it came with Soundcraft MK12. However all my programming of songs has previously been on a Korg Krome, and I should wish to trigger each MIDI channel simultaneously to play arrangements. Any suggestions or links to another of your videos? Thanks again if you can. neville

  33. Is anyone just getting no sound out of it at all? My first time using any software like this and I don’t know if I’m doing something super dumb or not.. headphones are playing music on YouTube but no sound at all on this.. not even the metronome haha
    Help pls

  34. Genuinely the most clear and concise tutorial I have come across… straight to the point and a great help. Nicely done.

  35. It’s a good tutorial so far but you got me here frustrated asf tryna play the note on my computer key board. What buttons do I press cause I damn near pressed all of them an aint none of them did shit. Smh. Starting to hate this video

  36. I’m a Sound designer and music composer for movies.25 years in the business,working on PT and Nuendo. I tried Ableton and sorry but I can’t stand it.I really don’t like how it looks and how it works. In fact,I can’t understand how it really works! Maybe it’s just me…I even tried to insert a video and it seems to be mission impossible..bye bye Ableton!

  37. Exiled Monastic

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    only half way through but gotta say this is on par with commercial / paid tutorial series from bigger tutorial makers. really good stuff. concise and easy enough to understand for the complete noob. thank you! keep it up.

  38. Ok, four days later…I’ve fiddled with it on my own and found some interesting things. Last night I watched this video for 34 minutes and decided that’s enough info for one day. I might start all over again this morning and cover the same info.

  39. PC keyboard no longer set to work automatically by default. but if look in the top right corner you’ll see a little piano keyboard icon, if you toggle that you’ll be able to use your computer keyboard to control the midi like he explains around 14:00 in.

  40. thanks for the shift-tab-thing,
    but let me remark that what you said about the quantization settings is wrong: “start” & “end” define whether the beginning and/or the end of a midi note will snap to the grid. 😉

  41. This is a fantastic video, it thought it would be awesome if I watched it for 10 minutes, I have literally watched over an hour long tutorial whilst practicing with my Ableton demo, I have learned so much faster that I could have possibly imagined!

  42. Is there any way to use my computer keyboard instead of a midi instrument to record the drums and everything? I tried to map my keys but every time I did it, no drums were being played and I don’t have enough money for the midi instrument I want yet, and I need windows 10 run it so I’ll have to buy a laptop anyway for it anyway, so I’m stuck with the Trial version for now with no MIDI instrument lol.

  43. Absolute Abelton beginner, here. Would have been great to get directions right off the top on how to switch between Arrange and Session View. I found it eventually but had to go searching. Glanced at some other tutorials in the meantime. Sounds like you’re got a pretty good tutorial here. I’ll give it another try. But there’s a great lack of the art of “beginner’s mind” in most internet tutorials. Experts never get themselves lost so they don’t always see the many ways a beginner can easily loose the thread and get lost.

  44. Thank you so much for a great, indepth, beginner’s guides to Ableton Live. Im a new user and had no idea how to do anything. Now, because of your video lesson, I can do quite a bit. Thanks again brother!

  45. StupidMaggot1991

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    thank you so much, i really love to record my own music to get creative value out of me and not knowing this stuff was like a big handicap and really frustrating! THANKS!

  46. My launchpad mk2 isn’t connecting to my computer. It won’t make noise when I touch it and I have a drum kit in the midi slot

  47. My launchpad mk2 isn’t connecting to my computer. It won’t make noise when I touch it and I have a drum kit in the midi slot

  48. What a ridiculously useful tutorial, thank you so, so much! I recently jumped from Reason to Ableton and tried to just figure it out as I go. But there was a lot of stuff I was wondering about, as Ableton is very different from Reason. And what I quickly realize is how much thought has been put into workflow in Ableton, it’s really impressive with all the double click here, click and drag there, set parameters here etc. I also went “ahhhh”, “Waaow!”, “For real??!”, “OMG!” at all the useful features you carefully explain in a very effective way.

    I can often get impatient watching tutorials like this. Especially newbie tutorials. But you explain WHY you do certain things, show us HOW you do it, and sprinkle with examples, providing more context to help retention. Perfect audio and clear voice as well.

    Thanks again, you’ve saved me a lot of time and frustration, and I will share this tutorial with anyone wanting to learn Ableton in the future.

  49. The mix on the commentary is horrible… You sound like a robot at 24k and that’s making me doubt your production validity a little..

  50. This is the best and very in depth tutorial for beginners. Start off with this video, and learn to make music. After a week watching tons of videos and wasting time, i wasn’t able to understand the software but this tutorial summarized everything for me. Hat tip to the Best Academy.

  51. Looks like I’m the First Indian here…. BTW Thank you Sir… For this very clear video?I’ll never forget you… It’s a start to my journey ✌

  52. Patricio Berón

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    I’ve logged in just to like it and comment. Great tutorial, it got me focused all throught the hour, no second wasted. Great job!

  53. from zero to .. well not quite hero (yet).. congratz to me, i am now a ‘basic bitch’ in Ableton .. THANKS!

  54. Extremely helpful valuable content. Thanks for the Kit and endless tips for utilization of this great program. You da man??????

  55. Extremely helpful valuable content. Thanks for the Kit and endless tips for utilization of this great program. You da man??????

  56. This is a very helpful video in terms of understanding Ableton Live 10 but the thing is, whenever I do the EXACT same thing that the tutorial states, my sound whenever I try to play the loop on my launchpad doesn’t seem to work in any way shape or form.

  57. It’s very rare for me to leave comments on Youtube videos, but I just had to comment this one. I watch a lot of tutorials on Youtube and yours is by far among the best ones I found. Clear yet detailed explanations, comprehensive guide, no initial BS or begging for protagonism, just teaching. A must watch for beginners. And you even throw in free stuff. I hope a supermodel falls in love with you!

  58. i’m a Logic user but i love live. working with Ableton Live is like driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini it’s so fast and Logical than my Logic

  59. Stephan Abaunza

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    hello, how to use a vst fx, I explain: there are synth that offers two things synths and synths fx how to give them use?

  60. Hungchiun Chang

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    I don’t know how many times I fall in sleep watching this video lol, but thanks for the very informative video!!

  61. Hands down the best warping tutorial. I own all the DAWs (Logic, Reason, FL 20, Cubase, Studio One Pro, Bitwig Studio, Reaper, even Gadget 2!) as I just love different tools and content for inspiration. This video just gave me that ahhh moment where you realize this one tops them all. Yes all incredible tools with unlimited potential but for electronic tweaking masterminds, Ableton is god send. Now if you record rock/country/blues thenthe lightbulb may not turn ON 🙂 Music is the Soul of Life, learn always and keep at it. The only natural high

  62. Keep in mind – depending on the type of music you want to make – quantizing too much might kill the groove of the track and make it seem a bit too on the nose thus robotic… so live drums etc might want to have a few ‘off’ beats to give it a more human sound

  63. Afonso Carvalho

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    0:45 –>Main view,
    1:51 –>Parameters,
     5:48 –>browser window,
    11:33 –> Create and record MIDI
    14:06,–> Edit MIDI
     14:30,–> Rack
    16:08 –>(Configuration 16:57, 18:09),
    19:09,–> Quantitize

  64. once you get used to ableton, then you can have your own taylored ways of working that suite your style.
    for example, with BPM, due to my mainly making hard digital psychedelic dance stuff, i find setting BPM twice as fast as the kick speed per minute works best for gettingf a high resolution since i like my sounds to feel almost like audio animation, so i have more little slots per beat to slip sounds into, or to crate more detailed fills and so on.
    so if my tune is 150BPM, i will set ableton to 300BPM, and with 32 notches per bar.
    it suits too my hardware, which is most of the Roland Aira Suite (TR-8, TB-3, System-1m, and the four fx modules) which has a really high resolution they way i use them.
    so, again, my TR-8 drum machine will be set to 300bpm, at 32 steps, but will actually b playing the kicks at spacings which in effect means it is putting out 150bpm.
    for psychedelic work it is pretty dam useful to do that for fine animated sounds like folk such as Merv pepler of Eat Static can sound like.

  65. Thanks for making this v-tuturial!
    It’s worth every minute of it.
    Why didn’t Ableton make this video in the first place?
    Great job.
    Querstion: At 14:22-14-26 you say “Then you click stop”. However, you do not explain how to stop recording.

  66. Charlotte Cardin-Desnoyers

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    Thank you so much for your video! <3

    I'm currently having trouble with hearing the instrument when it starts recording. I only hear the metronome and no drum like you do have. Is this common? 🙂

    Thank you!

  67. I love the material in the video. But for some reason my keyboard doesn’t let me play notes or record notes for a clip with my keys. I’m lost. I have the computer MIDI keyboard option on and still no luck. I’d love some help from you or someone here. Thanks in advance 🙂

  68. so many confusing videos out there – this is the best DAW video I have seen really opened up the software for me, thank you.

  69. I’m 17 mins in and my mouth has been open just staring in disbelief that I found a tutorial that’s this well-made and with such an intuitive progression… first tutorial I’ve ever watched on youtube that I’m able to follow despite knowing almost nothing on the topic beforehand. Can’t thank you/praise you enough. (who on earth would hit dislike on this video….. bitter/resentful competing tutori-trolls? *shakes head*)

  70. I took a college course on Garage Band (which is a bit easier of a system to learn), but I am understanding and learning so much more about Ableton from this video than in that class. This is incredibly helpful, thank you

  71. I agree this is an amazing effort – i feel guilty watching it for free… the work/time put into it is amazing! I was just about to get rid of Ableton through a serious lack of info online but not now THANK YOU!!!
    I can now go back to my MasterClass with Deadmau5 and understand what is going on!

  72. Thank U, One day i dream of meeting marshmallow and Alan walker, I made my profile picture for music making.Thank u for helping my dream. Like for good luck for me.

  73. C.Francis Guyton.W

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    Thank You so much for this tutorial, because I could not understand why I could not get my vst from my computer until now wow

  74. Francisco Borges

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    Thank you so much for your time, and for allowing me to jump straight unto music creation instead of hours of lonely and hardworking exploring!! Congrats, great tutorial 😉

  75. OMG. I’ve been so stubborn. I have been using Pro Tools for years and thought that nothing would ever be as good, but after watching this video, I stand corrected. I simply can’t believe how dope Ableton is! it looks like it’s time for a change. Especially with the Avid crap that”s going on right now. Thank u so much for this tutorial. I just found my new DAW!!!

  76. I’ve been trying to sit through basic tutorials for a while and this is the first one that I’ve been able to actually pay attention to. Thanks for the dope tutorial!

  77. I’ve been trying to sit through basic tutorials for a while and this is the first one that I’ve been able to actually pay attention to. Thanks for the dope tutorial!

  78. Wow I’m so noob this might as well be a tutorial on how to sequence the launch code of remote nuclear weapons in a parallel dimension through a worm hole. *Cries in stupid*

  79. Hey I downloaded the trial yesterday and was having fun learning the basics and then suddenly all audio just died. Closed it, opened a brand new project… but now everything is silent. Not even the samples play. Any thoughts?

  80. my computer keyboard keeps failing, it some times works and it doesn’t some times.. its really frustrating! can you help? i am learning a lot from your tutorial but this happens and its kill joy 🙁

  81. I don’t seem to have a “collections” tab – do I have to add it or is it just not there because I have Ableton Lite/an older version of Ableton? It’s a real shame because it seems such a useful feature.

  82. Native instruments Maschine user here. Took courses on Ableton and used it. I wanna go back to it. I wanna download live 10 demo to do more for producing/ live sets.

  83. Great walkthrough. I’ve been struggling to get my head round Ableton, but this has helped a lot. Thank you!

  84. Christian Lodge

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    This is literally the best long duration tutorial ive ever watched. Thank you for taking the time to put this together, everything makes complete sense. Subscribed!

  85. EpicRowanGaming

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    In Ableton, when I go to my clips section there are no clips at all. do I have to download them in some way? i need a fix

  86. All i will say is thank you so much brother. thank you and thank you again. even though i’ve used ableton for a year there are still some things i was having problem wit, but with your video i will say i am a pro now. you’re the man, thank you

  87. At around 13:59, when I hit my keys (ASDF) and I can’t make a sound. Then, the 808 instrument below with the waves dissapears. What do I do?

  88. hey i went to download that sample pack but i just get a 404 on the link from the email. also there seems to be an issue with your ssl cert but maybe it was just a fluke with chrome

  89. just switched over to abelton from fl 20 and i was a really hard time until i saw this video. thank you so much for this!

  90. amazing channel! Can you make a video how does HEFTY and Virgil Enzinger makes their have kicks and baseline? This would be amazing!

  91. - SweetScale TV -

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    hey Beat Academy this video helped so much i rewatched this vid a few months after learning the basic i feel like im ready to learn more. where do i go now?

  92. I honestly thought I already knew a lot about Ableton, but this video just proves that I still need to learn a whole bunch more about this DAW

  93. Just watched every minute of this video WITHOUT alt-tabbing to Ableton! Awesome tutorial! Some things I knew already but some I didn’t and that helped me both refresh my knowledge of Ableton Live (9) plus it helped me get a better idea how to use both session and arrangement view!

  94. Fantastic! Brand new to DAWs. Much better than any tutorial from Ableton. Question: you said if you dont have plug ins head over to Preferences. I checked but i have only ableton lite so doesnt look like plug ins available.!I dont have midi file live either. Thx again!

  95. Had to stop 10 minutes in… Spent an hour trying to figure out why my 808 Core Kit wasn’t making any sound and still haven’t found out why the MIDI insert isn’t playing audio like the sample does, it shows no notes on the keys. I have continued going back and forth doing exactly what is done in the video but still not working. Very frustrating

  96. Alexander Neira

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    Thanks so much for this tutorial! It really helped me to get a grasp of the basics of Ableton. It’s quite an impressive program!

  97. Thank you so much! I had a ton of trouble when beginning with Ableton Live, but your tutorial really helped me a lot!

  98. Ricky Putra Wijaya

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    32:00 looping
    36:00 audio track
    45:00 incorporate loop audio clip
    -wrap: sync loop audio clip with metronome (46:45)
    48:00 adjust audio track timing
    58:25 add audio effect

  99. Coming from Logic and I was really blown away by the stacking of ideas and scenes functionality. Sounds complicated at first but it makes sense when viewed as a writing and arrangement tool. Specially for slight variations of same parts.

  100. Thank you very much, great tutorial all-around, incredibly helpful for beginners like me who have no experience with music production and DAWs!

  101. Hey there. Great video, but I have a question. How to I play the Simpler/Sampler audio with my computer if I don’t have a MIDI device?

  102. Hey there. Great video, but I have a question. How to I play the Simpler/Sampler audio with my computer if I don’t have a MIDI device?

  103. This was perfect. I started using Ableton as a front-end for Mobius, and this was exactly what I needed to understand the basics without getting too into the weeds.

  104. I’ve had Live since version 8. I wrote it off as an DAW that didn’t agree with my workflow. Thanks to your video I now see how easy it is to work with and how well laid out the UI is. You cover all the important aspects of the Ableton workflow. Please do more videos! Thanks!

  105. What’s the difference between the sound, drum, and instrument categories in the browser window? Aren’t they all sounds that come with Ableton that can be used in creating/recording MIDI?

  106. I started making music using FL Studio and I’ve wanted to move to Ableton for a while now. It is so amazing that this video exists because it is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much! big fat like man

  107. Hello Ill Factor, I was just noticing how this video has many times more views than your next most popular video. I believe it is because you are a very thorough teacher. I do not use Ableton (yet at least. haha), I use Logic. It would be great to see a similar video for beginning users to Serum, Garage Band, Logic, Nexus, etc. Just a thought. Thanks for your work and thanks for the free sample pack!

  108. Beat Academy At 14:15 when you start to record, how do you get it to make sound? There’s no problem with my speakers or volume as other sounds work in the program when I preview them. It appears my keyboard is working when I record but the green bar that’s supposed to shoot up for Track Volume remains black. I don’t know how to get it to work

  109. Tutorial is awesome but i think i should have stayed in fl studio its totally different from fl i mean totally but i don’t want to waste another year on becoming pro on this daw…

  110. So, just to clear it up, is there no way to make changes in the Session reflect automatically in the Arrangement or the other way around? If I change a loop in the Session, add an additional note, after adding it to the Arrangement, for example.

  111. I may have more than one question coming up but i can start with this. In the preferences when i open the plug in section (For windows pc), i don´t have the use audio units as an option. What should i do in that case?

  112. Thanks for the video! Does anybody know why ableton adds a second in front of any audio files I drop in? Super annoying when bringing in files from other Daw’s and I have to cut off the front just to be able to line it up to it’s tempo.

  113. I’m here on my Youtube account to show my friend what Ableton and Cubase are capable of and I notice that lots of people in the comments saying FL Studio is crap. Let me just iron something out as an owner of multiple DAWs (FL Studio Pro, Cubase Pro, Ableton 10 Suite, Pro Tools) and a person that only uses two of them (Ableton and Cubase). FL Studio 20 is great for beat making! I have a lot of RnB and Hip Hop artists in Australia that has been using it since it was called Fruity Loops. In fact back in 2001 when I was first introduced to PC music generation the first DAW my father got for me was Fruity Loops! It was a whole new world outside playing music with the school band and recording samples with a microphone and my mother’s pots and pans with Microsoft record on Windows XP. I would say its a GREAT first buy for kids learning music creation as it has all the bits and bobs + some sick plugins to start without having to spend shit tonnes extra to break the bank as it has free updates for life.

  114. at 14:00 he says you can trigger it with the midi device or keyboard i can only trigger it by clicking them at the bottom what am i missing why cant i use my keyboard?

  115. After 4 days of struggling with Ableton Live 10, dealing with out of date information from hardware vendors, spotty web tutorials, incomprehensible forum threads, and videos that always seem to assume that what I’m trying to get to work is already working, I found this. All I can say is thanks. Far and away the best, most useful beginner’s intro to the software I’ve found, and within 20 minutes I had enough to actually start making sounds. Thank you so much.

  116. Just changed over to Ableton 10 from cubase artist, this is the most concise, easy to follow, and informative video I have found. Excellent, really instinctive and intuitive info. ?????

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  128. This is very useful video for ableton live beginners.
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    I got all answers in this video, that I curious about start using ableton live.
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